Friday, July 18, 2014

Top 10 Most Read Blog Posts and How to Know

This is officially my 100th post.  I knew it was coming all on #MyFavFriday if I kept up with my commitment to write daily in July. For me, it is momentous (I am not a writer. I am a math teacher.) So, as I begin this post, I hear little trumpets and see paper streamers sailing down from the heavens.  I did it!  I did it!  I actually strung together enough words to form paragraphs to generate 100 posts.

I admit it:  I searched other blogs to see what one was supposed to write on this special occasion.  There was a lot of looking back and highlighting best posts.  When I reflected back on how it all began, I posts have changed, my style has changed, but my purpose has stayed the same: share good stuff about school - you know, ideas to positively impact teaching and learning.

My top 10 most read posts of all time are a reflection of my purpose.  So, in true 100th posts fashion, here they are:

1.   Ideas for Interactive Student Notebooks

2.  Bulletin Board Update (QR Codes on College Logos for Junior and  Senior Level Students)

4.   Splat! (Review Game)

 5.  Teacher Binder Printable

6.  Equipment Tracking with QR Codes

 7.  Creating a Time Capsule (For Students, By Students)

8.  QR Code Scavenger Hunt

9.  Top Take-aways from ISTE

10.  Scratch Off Cards

How do I know this you may be wondering, well honestly my little Blogger bar told me, but I am committed to getting better at understanding the blog-o-sphere for my next 100 posts.  No, really, I am.  Here's what I am doing...after accepting this month's #July2014Challenge, I decided to learn more about blogging (6 years after I started) and I found Renee Gorskreutz's podcast and blog.

She had so many tips including a recommended reading of @ProBlogger's book: 31 Days to a Better Blog (available in hard copy and digital).  After downloading and reading the entries for the first few days, I stumbled upon #MyFavFriday: Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is totally new to me (and I am certain that I still do not understand all that there is to know about it), but apparently it will help one's blogging by generating data for review (a math teacher's dream).  

Could this be a class project in the making???  Just maybe...but that will be a lot closer to post #125 :D


Beth Ferguson said...

LOVE this post! Can't wait to explore the past postings you highlighted! Thank you for sharing :) (@algebrasfriend)

Cindy Wallace said...

Thanks Beth! I wouldn't have the blog I do if it weren't for the encouragement and inspiration from fellow math bloggers like you. The constant exchange of ideas is what makes it fun for me!