Saturday, April 28, 2012

Apple TV and Student Created Videos

I installed Apple TV into my classroom this week.  I was so excited about adding a component that would allow students to be an integral part of the teaching and learning process by making it easy for students to share their work via the "mirroring" application. The students were able to use their phones or one of the iPads in the classroom to be actively engaged in the lesson. I am still planning for 1:1 iPad integration next year and am beginning to organize lessons to include a variety of apps.  This week, I introduced Dropbox, Screen Chomp, and ShowMe. We had several students out due to sports playoffs.  It was so easy to upload their assignments and Study Guides via a shared folder in Dropbox. The students loved the ease of the app and actually used it for an English assignment later in the week.  With Screen Chomp and ShowMe, "early finishers" created content tutorials for their peers. After we watched the students' creations via Apple TV, I added QR code links to the videos and posted them on practice problems hung around our classroom.  Students were able to use the video tutorials as a helpline as needed. As hoped, the students found the screen castings to be especially helpful.  During one class period, a few students actually passed an iPad around the room to watch the videos to jog their memory for a Bell Ringer activity.  I can certainly see the value in having student created videos.  It is a real and relevant addition that allows students to get assistance anywhere and at any time.    

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mobile 2012 as Told in Tweets

Mobile 2012 was amazing!  Thanks to Tony Vincent and the Arizona K-12 Center for hosting another great learning opportunity.  From meeting awesome educators to being challenged in my thinking, it was everything for which one could hope.   There was certainly no shortage of apps or hands-on learning opportunities!  I came home with so many ideas my head was spinning, but it was others' beliefs about teaching and learning that I found myself reflecting on most.  Here is a recap as told in tweets:              
                   Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the 
                   world@jcasap #mobile2012

                   Technology lets out the learner in all of us. Let out the learner, let out the 
                   genius. #mobile2012   
                   Technology is just a tool that should be used to accomplish what we need to 
                   build the skills students need. #mobile2012@jcasap
@tonyvincent ... Emphasis should be on pedagogy not tools, we need to help change that focus #mobile2012

We don't need to teach students how to be digital citizens; we need to teach them to be digital leaders. @jcasap #mobile2012

Students should feel it's their class and classroom, not just the teacher's! #mobile2012

Why would student spend 3 hrs making a video tutorial when HW takes 7 min? "The teacher knows the answer. My friends don't."  #mobile2012

When students have to explain math in "how-to" tutorial, they really have to learn the material.  #mobile2012 #mathtraintv

"learning isn't what you cover, it's what you discover" Noam Chomsky (vid) #mobile2012

Moving at the Speed of Creativity - Combining 21st Century Skills, Project Based Learning, and iPads

Will I be going back?  I plan to! #mobile2013

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mobile 2012: Happy Geeky T-Shirt Day!

Happy Geeky T-Shirt Day!

I am here at Mobile 2012 learning so much about effective integration of  iPods, iPads, netbooks, laptops, tablets, web tools, and phones into the K-12 classroom.  Today is Geeky T-Shirt Day, so I thought I would share (via a QR Code on my shirt) a few of my favorite apps that I use in the classroom and at home and podcasts that I listen to regularly.
Apps for the Classroom: Splashtop, Socrative, Rover, Cinch, Skitch, Evernote, iTunes U, Skitch
Apps for Fun: HootSuite, Flipboard, Echofon, Buffer, Pinterest
Podcasts/Vodcasts: Classroom 2.0 Live, Two Tech Chicks, Learning in Hand, TechChef4U

Saturday, April 7, 2012

1:1 iPads in High School Math

     Spring Break is about to come to a close and I am excited to go back to work.  I have spent the break learning through blogs, webinars, podcasts, and twitter.  I have so many ideas I want to try before my students leave for summer break - many with iPads and Apple TV.
Rover App
     I have had 1:1 computers in my classroom for the past several years and the students have used them to complete projects, assignments, and reinforce ideas.  While I am an avid Apple fan (I camped out to get the new one :D ), I have been hesitant to migrate to iPads due to the lack of flash capabilities.  I teach dual enrollment math.  All of the students' assignments are online and most require Adobe Flash Player.  However, over the break I investigated Rover.  While Rover has mixed reviews with noted concerns regarding bandwidth, the two web-based services we use worked fine.  
     Excited about the possibilities, I have generated a mind map about the various ways iPads could be integrated into the current classroom structure.  
Created with
This preliminary list is by no means exhaustive.  In fact, I know I am only scratching the surface; it doesn't include project based learning activities, vodcasting, blogging, or wikis. 
     I have access to three iPads and I am installing Apple TV this weekend.  I plan to begin experimenting Monday.  If it works as I hope it will, I will just need to convince IT to let us try 1:1 iPads next year.  Fingers crossed!