Friday, April 13, 2012

Mobile 2012 as Told in Tweets

Mobile 2012 was amazing!  Thanks to Tony Vincent and the Arizona K-12 Center for hosting another great learning opportunity.  From meeting awesome educators to being challenged in my thinking, it was everything for which one could hope.   There was certainly no shortage of apps or hands-on learning opportunities!  I came home with so many ideas my head was spinning, but it was others' beliefs about teaching and learning that I found myself reflecting on most.  Here is a recap as told in tweets:              
                   Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the 
                   world@jcasap #mobile2012

                   Technology lets out the learner in all of us. Let out the learner, let out the 
                   genius. #mobile2012   
                   Technology is just a tool that should be used to accomplish what we need to 
                   build the skills students need. #mobile2012@jcasap
@tonyvincent ... Emphasis should be on pedagogy not tools, we need to help change that focus #mobile2012

We don't need to teach students how to be digital citizens; we need to teach them to be digital leaders. @jcasap #mobile2012

Students should feel it's their class and classroom, not just the teacher's! #mobile2012

Why would student spend 3 hrs making a video tutorial when HW takes 7 min? "The teacher knows the answer. My friends don't."  #mobile2012

When students have to explain math in "how-to" tutorial, they really have to learn the material.  #mobile2012 #mathtraintv

"learning isn't what you cover, it's what you discover" Noam Chomsky (vid) #mobile2012

Moving at the Speed of Creativity - Combining 21st Century Skills, Project Based Learning, and iPads

Will I be going back?  I plan to! #mobile2013

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