Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mobile 2012: Happy Geeky T-Shirt Day!

Happy Geeky T-Shirt Day!

I am here at Mobile 2012 learning so much about effective integration of  iPods, iPads, netbooks, laptops, tablets, web tools, and phones into the K-12 classroom.  Today is Geeky T-Shirt Day, so I thought I would share (via a QR Code on my shirt) a few of my favorite apps that I use in the classroom and at home and podcasts that I listen to regularly.
Apps for the Classroom: Splashtop, Socrative, Rover, Cinch, Skitch, Evernote, iTunes U, Skitch
Apps for Fun: HootSuite, Flipboard, Echofon, Buffer, Pinterest
Podcasts/Vodcasts: Classroom 2.0 Live, Two Tech Chicks, Learning in Hand, TechChef4U

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