Sunday, November 30, 2008

Top Techie Gifts


It is beginning to look alot like Christmas everywhere I go! Yes, I know the leftover turkey is still in the fridge. But sleigh bells are ringing. Children are singing. There is laughter in the air. And there are SALES, SALES, SALES! Bargains to be had! Deals to be made! Like all, I have poured over the papers, salivated over the cool toys, made my list and changed it twice. Not wanting to miss a thing, I have surfed the web, toured BEST BUY, read top blogs, and tried to remember that it is better to give than to receive.


But even last night at a high school football game, I added to my list as I saw one of my students using her tiny HP camera to take both still shots and videos. Now I have a beautiful Nikon D70, but I don't think it can take video... and WHEN will Apple release a video app for the Iphone??? I spent the earlier part of the day, comparing one camera to another and settling on the Flip. Then wondering, "Should I get the Flip?" I saw one at the DEN Summer Institute - it was compact and affordable. The new Flip has high resolution, still affordable, loaded with software, easy to use, and the cases are able to be customized with personal graphics!!! They are advertised as sleek and desireable - they had me at sleek.

Now, honestly until last night the Flip camera wasn't even on the list. My only techie gift wish was for an eTrex for geocaching. Which makes me wonder what items should be on the list? Not wanting to miss the must-have's, I invite you to share. Which top tech items do you think should be on everyone's list?

My personal favorites (items I have purchased and never regretted):