Saturday, July 19, 2014

Evernote 101: Tagging and Emailing Into an Evernote Notebook

Last weekend, I began my crash course into Evernote inspired by Twitter friends on a Saturday morning chat. The purpose: figure out how to utilize Evernote at school.  On my first weekend, I learned how to Share Evernote Notes and Publish My Notes to a Blog.  This week I happened to be reading others' blogs and there were several I wanted to save to review again later.  So I did what I normally do...I emailed it, but this time not to my own inbox (which always seems to be overflowing with articles I want to save)...for this article, I mailed it to Evernote!  I am happy to say that I even learned how to file it in a specific notebook and give it a tag!!! I am thrilled with my accomplishment:)

Here's what I did:

To start, I needed to get my personal email upload address from Evernote, so I opened my app and clicked on my name in the upper left corner.

It opened the "Settings" and I scrolled down to  "Evernote Email Address".

When I opened the tab, I chose to copy the address to my clipboard (now, I wonder if I couldn't have just chosen the top option...not sure).

After pasting it in the first time, all I have to do now is type an "e" and Evernote Upload pops up in my address bar.

Now, when I want to send an article to Evernote, I can email the note directly into a specific notebook complete with a tag and a reminder.

How?  When I find an article I want to save, I choose to share it

via email.

After typing the title, I can put the note in a specific notebook by using the @ symbol.  To give it a tag, I use the "#" sign. 

Once I hit send, I can my note in the specified notebook

or when searching by the designated tag.

My UltiMaTe BiG QueSTioN and reason behind my exploration: How do I use Evernote with students and teachers at school? 

Well for me, Way #3:  I would definitely share this feature with students completing research projects. What an easy way to CuRAtE INfOrmATioN pertinent to a project! 

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