Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#NotatDENSI2014 and Still Inspired

Well today's scheduled blog post has been preempted by a post from one who is #NotatDENSI2014 (Discovery Education Summer Institute), because this blog's author is so excited by what she heard today (virtually!!!) that she felt that she MuST share. First, let me say, I love livestreaming and I love Discovery Education. I have been a part of Discovery Education Network for some years and if you have not joined I would say to definitely check it out.  The organization is committed to supporting students and teachers through continuous professional development and quality resources like today's presentation by DEN Guru, Patti Duncan.

Patti spoke on STEM integration...what it is and what it is not...
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and tons of ways to include meaningful STEM-focused lessons across the curriculum.  She is so dynamic and influential (even through an iPhone screen) that I ended up purchasing 2 books she mentioned, 

reconsidered the focus of my graduate studies, 

and actually entertained the idea of switching to elementary or middle school just so I could make an inflatable
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that represents a biome,
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the human body, the sea floor or any other space imaginable.

10 great stem lessons upload ed from duncanpatti

I know that I cannot begin to do her presentation justice, so I've linked to the LiveStream archive and her wiki (where there are many more resources) so that you can see for yourself. 

Who would have guessed on a Tuesday afternoon in July, Discovery Education would have ignited such inspiration in a girl 10 hours away???!!!??  Thanks Discovery Ed and thanks Patti Duncan!

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