Monday, July 7, 2014

Analog Twitter Wall

For the last 7 years, I have served as both assistant principal and dual enrollment math teacher.  I have loved doing both, though at times I have wondered how effective I was in either position when each seemed to vie for my time and energy.   About 6 months ago, my principal started advertising for my math position, not because I wanted to hang up my teaching hat forever, but because he wanted me to do a few different tasks during the upcoming school year.  So far, a replacement has not materialized and with only 23 days to go until a final decision must be made, it looks like it might be me again.  So after clearing my walls of anything blue or polka dotted a little over a month ago, I am facing the real possibility that I may be moving my stuff out of son #1's room and back to A-5.  Which leaves me wondering what will I change when I go back?
     I normally start the school year with "About Me in 140 Characters" using Wiffitti, because I have been teaching students both in a face 2 face setting and via video conferencing.  I created the assignment to introduce the kiddos who were sharing the same virtual classroom, but if I go back into the classroom, I know that the principal has me only teaching in a face 2 face environment. Since I want to stay with the assignment, but my situation will be different, I thought I might try an analog wall after being inspired by Two Guys and Some iPads. So, for this week's #Made4Math post, I picked up a pack of sentence strips at Dollar Tree and made the graphics I would need to create my analog Twitter space.
Of course, I had to start with the adorable blue bird which set the color scheme for the rest of the graphics

and then I made the little "t" to glue to the ends of the laminated sentence strips.
The tag line for the space is, "What's on your mind today?" (well, besides the obvious...math!!!)
I will definitely use it for the first assignment, "About Me in 140 Characters", but I am thinking about leaving it up for a few weeks to see what the students will do with it - all the while modeling appropriate tweets:) I/m feeling is the beginning of July and the first bulletin board is done!  Oops!  Almost is the publisher file for customizing.

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This is pretty cool. Thanks.