Thursday, July 10, 2014

Follow My Favorites

I actually had no intention of blogging today, but after accepting the #July2014Challenge of blogging more than normal (and panicking just a little), I began to think about those faithful bloggers that have risen to a similar challenge day after day for year after year.  I have relied upon them for ideas, inspiration, and at times, a lift to my spirit.  All I can say is that I am truly grateful to them for sharing their time and their talent. I appreciate their reliability to produce posts complete with detailed directions, lots of pictures and a bit of a personal touch.

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know I love technology (and therefore technology blogs by default). I look for ways to use digital tools to engage my students and enrich their experiences.  So for this Thursday post, I want to introduce you to 3 fantastic techy--educator-bloggers who integrate technology into everything they do (not for technology's sake, but for students').  They have had tremendous influence on me as I have sought to do the same. If you are looking for fresh ideas, I invite you to follow my favorites:

1.  Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Dr. Wesley Fryer
Banner from Dr. Fryer's Site
I met Dr. Fryer years ago at a mobile learning conference and he is just as generous with his knowledge in person as he is online.  I can always depend on him to produce thorough "how-to" technology posts on topics that I have not even started to this week's 3 different ways to publish an e-book. Well, of course, I have been wanting to write an e-book, so I certainly need to know how to publish one!  Turns out, his 10 year old daughter actually DiD write a book and it was her creation on which they were working. #inspired

2. The Daring Librarian by Gwyneth Jones
Banner from The Daring Librarian
I adore this blog and its author!!!! From the splashes of color to the unique approach to foster a love of reading in students, The Daring Librarian is a true inspiration. From the first posts I read about creating a QR code scavenger hunt to the most recent on using vine to create book trailers, I am always challenged to look beyond what I see and imagine what can be.

3.  Teaching Creatively with Technology by Allison White
Banner from Allison White's Blog
I just found Allison's blog recently, but if you are interested in stretching yourself with technology integration, this lady has some fantastic ideas! From curating information to planning a Social Scavenger hunt, Allison shares her originality through her distinctive posts.

So there it Top 3 Favorite Techy--Educator-Bloggers...those I look to get new ideas.


druin said...

Thank you for joining me in the challenge! I know it really helps me stay on track to know there are others out there too!

Cindy said...

It truly does help! Think of what YOU actually started years ago with #Made4Math. I am so grateful for my virtual friends.