Saturday, March 24, 2012

Equipment Tracking with QR Codes and Google Forms

 As a high school math teacher, I loan lots of graphing calculators to students.  While I write down who I loaned what to, as the weeks go by, I forget where I put the paper I wrote it on or the student forgets they even borrowed it. I have tried having students leave me items in exchange, but I don't really want to be responsible for their wallet, cellphone or shoe (ewww!).

After seeing the Classroom Booksource,  which allows teachers to create a free online database for a classroom library and tracks check ins or outs, I knew I needed to create something like that for my calculators.  Dan Mourlam shared an idea about using QR codes linked to Google Forms to track equipment.  So, this week I tried it!

Code linked to Equipment Tracking Form

I used a Google Form and QR Hacker to customize my code with a picture.  Now, to check an item  in or out, the student scans the code with a QR code reader (I like I-nigma) and fills in the form.  I have an electronic record of who has what - no more papers!

Details of the form I created:


Millard Hiner said...

Hello Dear,It was a beneficial workout for me to go through your webpage.

Nancy Lynch said...

Using QR codes linked to Google Forms is such a great and simple way of equipment tracking . Interesting post!

Cindy said...

Why thank you both! I definitely need it to keep up with loaning out my calculators:)

Unknown said...

Have you seen GoCodes Asset Management, we have a product that does this in a really slick and easy to use way.

vinceremo said...

Hi Cindy

I think this is a great idea. Im trying to assemble this with your provided instructions but am having trouble. Can you provide assistance somehow. Thank you.


Cindy Wallace said...

Vince, I am happy to help. Where are you having trouble?