Saturday, March 10, 2012

Top Five Ways to Use Evernote in the Classroom

 I spent my Saturday night watching an archived webinar on Evernote in the Classroom by Bill Stites' via Classroom 2.0 Live's archives.  While I have used Evernote personally, I have never shared it with students mainly because I did not realize the full capability of the free organizing tool.  At Bill's school, Montclair Kimberley Academy, the teachers and students are using Evernote regularly for everything from sharing class notes to collaborating on projects. As I heard the many examples, it was easy to generate a list of the Top Five Ways to use Evernote in the Classroom!
1.  Students are able to email directly to Evernote.  The email capabilities are perfect for creating ePortfolios or using the app to organize scanned documents like worksheets and study guides. 
2.  Pictures can be imported to better illustrate an idea or just remember what was written on the whiteboard.  Coupled with Skitch, students are able to add captions and annotate directly on photos.  As a bonus, the text in the photo (even without Skitch) is "searchable"!
3.  Evernote's recording capabilities, allows students to record lectures or personal explanations and reflections.
4.  Students can create to-do lists to remember homework assignments or complete a multi-step projects.
5.  With Evernote's web clippling capability, students find it easy to organize useful articles, charts/graphs, and videos for research projects even from their iPad.
I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar!  From it, I learned Evernote is a note-taking/organizing app that can and should be integrated in the classroom. 

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