Friday, July 20, 2012

Fabulous Finds Friday: Interactive Studnt Notebook

Last week's Fabulous Finds Friday helped keep me organized.  This week's favorite find focuses on keeping students on track.  The Interactive Student Notebook was a new find for me this summer.  Interactive "Notebooks are a tool to strengthen student learning of curriculum through increased student participation.  They are used in class daily to help the student learn and keep track of their learning.  This style of notebook uses both the right and left-brain hemispheres to help sort, categorize and be creative with the newly attained knowledge." - MyMathClass From what I have read, they can be used in any subject and any grade.  One side of the notebook is more teacher directed (class notes, examples, etc.) and the other side of the notebook is more student centered with lots of illustrations, reflections, and evidence of student processing. There seems to be many approaches to organizing the notebooks, but I liked the common idea of including student reflection and using graphics to illustrate main ideas in students' notebooks.  While I may not incorporate the whole ISN idea, I am challenged to find a few foldables that can be incorporated this semester.  I hate to admit it, but it has been a while since I have included these hands-on creations that allow students to organize, display, and arrange information, so I did a quick search and found tons of ideas online.
Another great idea came from Tammy author of Forever in First via Pinterest.  Her idea...take pictures of students' ,math strategies, name them after the students who invented them, and display them in the classroom.  I love this idea because it cultivates ownership of the content by everyone in the room!

I am always looking to learn, especially during the summer and definitely from the comfort of my own kitchen table.  Leave it to Discovery Education to fill that need for me this summer.  This just announced...Discovery Education Summer Institute will be broadcast live during the week of July 23 - 26.  As one who has attended, this is an event you won't want to miss!  From the posted schedule, I see one of my favorite presenters to hear, Hall Davidson, will be  talking about one of my favorite technologies, iPads!!!  I guess I know where I will be on Monday the 23rd at 11:10am :)  On Tuesday, Patti Duncan will be discussing notebooks and journals in the media rich classroom.  As a member of the Discovery Educator Network, I have had the privilege of attending several DE events, all are inspiring.

This week I have also found many inspiring new friends' via the #Made4Math Challenge that I had to include them in my list for Fabulous Finds Friday.  All are great and generously share classroom ideas through Twitter and personal blogging.  Listed are the links:
@druinok - Teaching Statistics
@roitzc - Math in the Middle
@gwaddellnvhs - Success: A teacher looking for classroom success
@ScottKeltner - Large Scale Printing for Probability
@Wyldbirman - Hands on Math in High School
@merryfwilliams -  Dividing by Zero
@fouss - My Web 2.0 Journey
@jreulbach - I Speak Math
@pamjwilson - The Radical Rational...
@mathtastrophe - Mathtastrophe
@LaurenDeReche - From a Math Class
@fourkatie - Axis of Reflection
@reminoodle - The Mathsmith
@MarshaFoshee - Math-termind
@approx_normal - Approximately Normal (in the classroom)
@elhodge - Teaching Creatively
@MsKLaster - No Limits on Learning!
@bowmanimal - Bowman in Arabia
@sandramiller_tx - Take it to the Limit
Sarah - Alwilda's Daughter
@misscalcul8 - Misscalcul8
@fawnpnguyen - Middle School Math Teacher Learning on the Job

"How-to" Guide

Lastly, something just for fun... how adorable is this!!! I think I will try to find red lollipops instead of hand dipping oreos. Maybe school colors: blue pencils and red suckers with school logo in the middle... or maybe more polka dots!  Just a thought.  Wishing you a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for stopping by:)

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