Monday, July 9, 2012

Made 4 Math Monday: Welcome Podcast

I stumbled upon a post on 4th Grade Frolics by Tara inviting others to a Linky Party for Made it Monday in which participants would share classroom ideas and stay focused and productive this summer.  She and other elementary teachers had a wealth of adorable ideas.  Some, I could adapt into high school math, others were a stretch.  I knew I wanted to find a similar summer challenge of sorts for high school teachers... so, of course, I googled it:)  One of the top hits was a Made 4 Math Monday BLOG Party (and guess what I teach!!!) It actually started just last week.  It turns out that @pamjwilson and @druinok had seen Tara's post too! 
Free & Easy Podcasting
Created @ GoAnimate!
While I usually skew to the very arts and crafts side if given the opportunity, today I wanted to work on a "Welcome Podcast" for my new classroom website.   I used Cinch to record my message and Go Animate! to create an avatar (totally optional).  I uploaded a picture and attached my podcast link to it and... Voila! my WeLcoME PoDcasT is ready for the new school year:)

To actually do the WeLcoME PoDcasT:

I downloaded the Cinch app to my iPhone.

Created an account.

Plugged in the little white Apple headphones with mic that came with my phone.

Pushed record.  It was that EZ!!!

Thanks Pam for hosting the #Made4Math Blog Party.  It was just the motivation I needed!


Christy said...

Love this! Made 4 Math Mondays is getting me inspired for next year. I plan on creating my own podcast now. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy said...

Thanks Christy! It was really easy. I can't wait to hear what you come up with:)