Sunday, July 8, 2012

Project Snapguide: Making a Math Tutorial

Snapguide App
Did I tell you the iPads are coming?  It is official!  Our IT director and administration blessed the 1:1 iPad initiative for the 2012-2013 school year:D  So, I am busy this summer revamping lessons to include the NeW, BEaUTiFul, ShiNy, Oh-sO-PoWerFuL technology.  While I am not usually a "project" kind of girl, I have defined several activities I would like for students to complete and for lack of better terminology, I am calling the activities "projects".   I am busy defining the tasks, creating tutorials, and making rubrics to go with each one.

I have just completed an assignment in which students will use the Snapguide app to create a math tutorial for an assigned problem type.  Here is what I came up with:
Task:  According to a Harris Interactive poll in the Spring of 2012, three in ten Americans own an e-reader. With the rise of Nooks, Kindles, and iPads, large textbook companies are moving quickly to electronic versions of content specific e-books.  This is causing Educational Content Writers to adjust how they communicate information.

Your task is to assume the role of a 21st century content writer and create an easy to understand Math Tutorial using the Snapguide app for the Textbook of Tomorrow.  The tutorial that follows details your task and provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Snapguide.  You will upload your completed project via the submission form posted on the class website. 

Click here to see tutorial

                 Click here to view
I'll post all three project components on the class website and provide a place for the students to upload the projects.  I have the rubric scored for possible points being 5, 3, or 1 for each category.  Is it okay to score like this (counting by 2's)?  This is my first project in FoREvEr and of course, I am hoping they ALL make 20 out of 20.  So, please provide feedback, especially if you see that I am forgetting something important for their success!

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