Friday, August 31, 2012

Favorite Find Friday: Silent Math Movie

The iPads have not yet arrived, but school is in full swing and we are harnessing the power of the students' cell phones.  In the first 10 days of the school year, we have used phones to communicate, create math tutorials, and assess understanding!!!  In preparation of the iPads' arrival, I have uploaded another project to the class website using a favorite app which was generously shared at Mobile 2012 by TechChef4U.  #MyFavFriday app, Vintagio, transforms any video captured on an iPhone or iPad into a period style movie, complete with special effects and music. Vintagio, previously known as Silent Film Director, can be used to create everything from a 20's style silent film to a 70's style home movie and everything in between.  It is quick and easy to use and allows for film editing, special effects, photos and images, transitions and insertion of title cards.

In the Silent Math Movie project, the students will create a math tutorial without words.  I am so excited to see what the kids will do - their first project with iMotion HD was fantastic!  I'm including the task, sample video, and rubric just as the students will see it.

"After the depression of the 1890s, immigration jumped from a low of 3.5 million in that decade to a high of 9 million in the first decade of the new century. After the 1880s, immigrants increasingly came from Eastern and Southern European countries, as well as Canada and Latin America. By 1910, Eastern and Southern Europeans made up 70 percent of the immigrants entering the country."  - Eye Witness to History

The earliest American films, which appeared around 1895, were primarily a working-class pastime. Because they told stories without words, they appealed to the large, immigrant population in the United States.  A picture that did not talk was particularly appealing to people who did not speak or read English. - History Matters

Your task is to go back in time and create a movie "showing" how to solve a specific mathematical problem using the  Vintagio app. The challenge?  You must work without words in groups of 2 to create a 2 - 5 minute film that will serve as an easy to understand Math Tutorial for your classmates.  Have fun with this project; part of the appeal of silent films were the creativity directors used in lighting, props, costumes, and movements of the actors.  This is your opportunity to let your creativity shine!
Image From Chaplin Museum

Sample: Math Tutorial

Click for larger view

Want to try #MyFavFriday app, Vintagio, in your classroom?  MacPhun, LLC has generously donated a free code for me to share!  Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below:
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druin said...

Thank you so much for sharing the apps you are using! I know I am always looking for new apps to use in my classes :)

Nutter Buttersmith said...

This is so FUN!!! hope to be able to use it at some point.

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Love this!!