Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Classroom Website Header and Page Dividers

Okay, with #Made4Math Mondays and #favFridays, I felt a little pressure to create a theme for this random post in the middle of the, this is my #webWednesday :D  Seriously, this summer I have blogged quite a bit about moving my class's landing page from a blog format to a website.  By doing so, I hope to create a more permanent home for resources and assignments organized in units rather than by dates as they were on the blog.  Over the past few weeks, I have designed iPad projects, created a welcome podcast, and now, designed my website banner and page breaks for daily posts of online bellwork.  While I tossed around numerous design ideas (you know, I love my polka dots), I've decided to go with ....drum roll...the composition notebook black and white scheme.  So, without further ado...the banner:

and the page breaks:

(I just realized I should probably explain the logo; I teach two high school classes (ECA and LHS) simultaneously in one dual enrollment class.)  I kind of like the black, white and red scheme.  Anyone else maintaining a class website and wouldn't mind sharing?  I would love to see how you have your resources and assignments organized. 

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Joan Pineda said...

This can help a lot in training our young children the importance of creativity and design management. The earlier we exposed them to this the greater chance to improve their talent on it. It's up to them on how they express creativity through web design.

Joan @ DIY Websites