Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Class Website Ready to Roll

I truly feel like Frank on You've Got Mail.  You know, "The nut from the Observer who is in love with his typewriter", except I'm not a guy, I'm a girl.  And, I'm not in love with my typewriter... I'm in love with my NEW Class WeBsiTe!!! (Plus, I would like to think "nut" would be debatable from those who know me well:)  Last week, I posted about creating a class website header for my new online format.  

For this week's #Made4Math, I changed my First Day Handout so that it would match the header.

Then, I thought the handout was so-o-o cute with the lined paper background that I wanted to re-create it on my Weebly site.   Despite watching a You Tube video and reading several articles, I could never quite get my image to tile in the background like the tutorial showed.  It looked fine in the preview, but when I added elements to my page, the image was covered.  Long lead in to say that, I figured out a work around.  Here's what I Weebly, the page dividers are thin gray lines.  So I dropped a few page dividers on top of one another and stacked together they look like...are you ready...lined notebook paper!!!

And if you have notebook paper, you have to have paper clips and doodles:

I drew the clipart in ActivInspire and took screenshots of the doodles. Though lesson notes and assignments will be added as the year unfolds, the website is finally ready to launch.  Good thing, too - school starts tomorrow!  Here's a shot of the finished product: 
Live Site

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Ivette Haggerty said...

School Rocks! Right, Cindy? You must be a real genius being as a math teacher. All the numbers rumbling with my thoughts makes me bedazzled! That's why I'm no good with numbers. Anyway, your website looks clean and friendly. The header banner is neat, but I would suggest if you have centered all the text content. Plus, you should give some time to post more on your site to add more substance!

Ivette Haggerty