Sunday, April 10, 2011

Putting Mobile Back into Mobile Learning - Dr. Mark van Hoof't

You cannot do mobile learning in the classroom.  Handhelds should not simply replace pen and paper.

Desktop technologies operate in their own small world.  Mobile technologies take place in the world.

Mobile learning goes beyond the technology or delivering content to devices.  It means being able to operate successfully in and across new and ever changing contexts and learning spaces - Pachler, 2009

Mobile Learning means real and Digital realms augment each other. (Layers and wikitube) Wikitube- allows for more than just pin points
Mobile learning means learning as constructivist, situated, collaborative, informal and lifelong. Mobile learning means emphasizing 21st century skills.

How do we do this?
Sample projects
-Frequency 1550 -A Mobile Learning Game (living history project) video footage
-London Street app: You Are Here
You can do this yourself by using the program, History Pin
-Environmental Detectives: done at MIT video on You Tube
Directive Game simulation
-Cloud Bank - crowd sourcing running on Google Android; wiki type project
To help foreign workers in UK to learn slang 
-MyArtSpace (now Ookl) Way beyond running around a Museum with a worksheet
Allows students to create original products and well thought-out presentations to document their learning of the museum. Kids prepped prior to attending the museum. Attended museum, captured info, pics, and clips to be utilized later in presentation.
-QR codes You Tube video of Sigml 2009Washington DC Use a physical space and augment it with digital content.  Audio actually works better than video so that participants can look at the object while listening to significant audio clip.

Food for Thought: Importance of "place". The question is how to best balance physical and digital "places" to get the best out of both. (Milgram's Reality-Virtual Continuum(1994))

As educators, we must meet learners half-way and take advantage of the technology skills they already have, but teach them how to use these skills for learning, Learning lasts a lifetime.  Wevmust show students how to take advantage of how to utilize technology for this purpose.


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