Sunday, April 10, 2011

Digital Images in the Classroom

Making up abut 65% of the population, visual learners absorb and recall information best by seeing. These learners think in pictures and create mental images to retain information. They learn best by seeing information through the use of maps, charts, and pictures. At the Mobile 2011 conference, Ty Richardson helped us imagine a classroom in which students get the "big picture" through a series of little pictures designed to scaffold learning.

Photographs can enhance learning experiences while fostering creativity, but just how does one go about incorporating Teacher-Made and Student Created Multi-media in Instruction? Ty recommends starting with iPhonography, utilizing the iDevice's built in camera. These devices provide great pictures that can be used across the curriculum.
Images enhance understanding. Images provide context clues. Images evoke emotion. Images allow students to interact with content.

Ty shared many ideas and apps to help jumpstart the creative

Ideas and Recommended Apps:
- Comic Strip+: Allows students to take photos and tell their stories via comic books. Students can give a visual representation of content.
- StoryRobe: Allows students to take photos or video and add audio to an original story. Every student can now be a published author!
- Motivation: Students can take their own photos and created motivational posters.
- Other recommended apps: Pages, story kit, sonic pics

-Rulerphone: Camera app that allows students to take measurement of any object they can photograph. Students include "business card" to provide scale.
- Protractor: Allows student to take a photo of an object whose angle needs to be calculated. App provides angle measured and complimentary and supplementary angles.

- imicroscope: Allows students to magnify and take pictures under the microscope
- SciSpy: Students can take pictures of flowers, insects, and wildlife and upload them to the scientific community (for classification and research)

- Wordlens+: Allows for translation of any sign from English to Spanish and vice versa
- Google goggles: Free translation
- Flash card Creator+: Take pictures and provide voice over to various objects. Create flashcards based upon pictures taken. Can be used in any subject.

BEST of the REST:
- Quickmark: Read and create bar codes and QR codes
- Skype: Virtual career day, distance learning and collaboration
- Sekaicamera+: virtual scavenger hunt
- Star Walk: AR app for reviewing constellations

Need more ideas?

- Hipstamatic
- Instagram:
- Camera+
- Genius Camera
- Pano: Stitches multiple pictures together
- Filterstorm: Photoshop for iPhone
- 100 Cameras in 1: HDR
- Geotag Photos
- Breadcrumbs
- Mover+: Allows for easy photosharing
- Photosync
- Timelapse
- Slow shutter
Big - owlebubo: wide photolens that functions as a macrolens
Zoom lens
Romotamatic- allows for remote control of iPhone camera
Pocket Microscope for iPhone from amazon

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