Sunday, April 10, 2011

Becoming a Mobile Learner (iSchool Initiative) by Travis Allen

Travis Allen of ischool Initiative is a fulltime student armed only with an iPad. Now completing his second year of college, he has been able to complete all coursework on the mobile device including in-depth projects filled charts, graphs, and images. While Travis does not suggest schools ditch traditional paper and pencil and adopt his way of thinking, he reminds educators that everyone learns differently and schools should allow students to learn the way they learn best.
Teachers should not incorporate technology simply for technology sake, but use it as a tool to enhance student understanding. Travis says, "As a digital learner I don't go out looking for cool apps, I encounter a problem and I go out and find a digital solution."

So which apps is Travis using?
Organization: iStudies Pro

Taking notes in Pages and on Flash cards (cranberry)
Fun Apps: Star walk and The Elements
Textbooks: Course Smart: textbook app or read online version
Discovery software- teacher develop their own book utilizing their own pics and videos
iAnnotate- allows you to annotate over a PDF
JotNot- scans document and turns it into a PDF

Interested? See how Kearns High has embarked on a digital revolution.

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