Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The GeoHistorian Project - Dr. Mark van't Hooft

K-12 students are stepping back in time as they research, write and publish local history. Dr. Mark van't Hooft of Kent State University's Research Center for Educational Technology believes it is important to have students recognize social studies is more than just facts in a textbook and he is helping change students' perspectives through the integration of technology coupled with primary sources. In The Geohistorian Project, students Create Digital Stories about local history. The project is divided into 4 weeks with 4 tasks: 1. Discussion of the Importance of stories 2. Conducting Historical Research- students in groups visit specific locations; share research, digital pictures, and stories on wiki 3. Composing "The Story" - students are required to create a storyboard and then write the story 4. Editing Audio/video - used Photostory Once finished project is verified by the local historical society and published, students will post QR codes on locations so that others can view student-created historical content (audio, video, images). Learn more about the GeoHistorian Project at or experience it for yourself during tomorrow's Mobile Scavenger Hunt in downtown Phoenix, AZ!

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