Friday, September 28, 2012

Favorite Find Friday: Algebra v The Cockroaches

We played one of #MyFavFriday games today, Algebra versus the Cockroaches by Hotmath!!! 
Disgusting? Yes!     Engaging? Uh-huh!     Appropriate level of difficulty? Yup!     Great for practice? Absolutely!  
This has been my go to activity for some years after discussing equations of lines.  The game features cockroaches (I said it was disgusting...) running across a coordinate plane.  Students determine the correct equation of the line formed by bugs running in a set path.  
Level 1 starts off easy, featuring only vertical and horizontal lines, but the seven levels that follow get progressively more difficult.
The crazy music and the celebratory dance when equations are correct adds an element of fun.
Students work in pairs to reach a goal of Level 7. 
Invariably, those who struggle initially master the concept by the game's end.
"Bug Free Zone" signs are hung around the room.
Candy sporting "Smashing Good Job" is awarded to students making it through Level 7.  It is amazing how hard kids will work for a Reese's cup:)


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! I love Algebra & the Cockroaches. It is my go to game since we can't use Green Globs anymore in my school. I like your Level 7 rewards and will definitely have to use it this year, thanks!

druin said...

That is disgusting, so therefore my students will love it LOL. Thanks for sharing!