Sunday, August 2, 2015

#SupplySwap Info Has Been Sent...Let the Fun Begin!!

Almost 4 weeks ago now, @pamjwilson@druinok and I decided to host a School #SupplySwap.  We wrote a blog post, made a sign-up form, and then tweeted.  We had nearly 30 people sign up!  The perfect number...not too many to make it overwhelming!

The participants are from 19 different states with 5 participants hailing from Kentucky (Go Wildcats!)  The rest of us are from Louisiana, Tennessee, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina, Massachusetts, South Carolina, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma, Wisconsin. and Alabama.  

The most popular names on the list: Lisa, Lynn, Cindy and Jenn.  

Most are high school teachers, but several middle school teachers joined in the fun too.  

Primarily participants teach math, but we have a smattering of other disciplines represented like ELA/SS, Biology/marine science/forsensic science, Spanish, and STEM, as well as, administrators and a school counselor.

It has been so much fun just reading through the responses to the questions!

Just a reminder to participants, spend about $15 (excluding shipping) and mail between July 27 and August 7.  Keep your pairing a secret until your box is received by the recipient.  Your box will not be going to the person who is sending you a box, so that you will make even more new connections.

Here is a list of those who submitted twitter handles and blog addresses if you would like to check them out and make a few new friends!
If you missed out on the fun of #supplyswap 2015, join in on the next round...whenever that may be! Until then…Happy Back to School!!!
(post adapted from The Radical Rational)

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