Friday, May 22, 2015

Pinteresting Finds for the Makerspace and Assessing

Summer is here!!! Today is the last official day for teachers and though I will still report to work for another 30 days, I am already thinking about next year.  Some of the ideas I have found on Pinterest lately could be used for a bit of summer fun or for our new Makerspace:)

First up...slime!  I have never tried slime, but I found these two great variations...
via BuggyandBuddy
both recipes called for liquid starch, liquid glue, and a few embellishments.  The biggest differences? In the ocean slime, white glue was mixed with starch, food coloring and glitter.
via icanteachmychild
For the Star-Spangled Slime, clear glue was used as the base.  I can imagine changing up the colors for different times of the for for December.  I am at least game to try. My house has been filled with all kinds of "experiments" these past few months as I have tried out many ideas for the Makerspace.  I'll let you know how it goes!
via sunny skyz
How fun is this?  We are getting a new building this summer and I am really not sure how better to make a huge impact on the walls than creating a giant mural from post-it notes.  I love these pixelated murals and think that they would fun to try.  I love that they are not permanent so, they can easily be change to keep the space fresh.
via Kelsey Smith
Finally, an idea for assessment.  In this particular example, students are to stack the cups according to size of the items listed on each cup.  This same idea could be use to demonstrate the order of operations, the order of planets, or any other sequencing activity like ordering trig functions (sin pi/6, cos pi/4, etc).  I am sure if I made it a race, the kids would love it even more.  What about you?  What are you pinning or saving as you look forward to next year?

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