Sunday, April 5, 2015

Free Blog Post Planner

Blogging has been one of the best things that I have done as an educator to get organized, create an electronic portfolio of sorts, and improve professionally. When I first started teaching, I tried to collect all of my lesson plans, ancillary materials, and tests into a binder that would become too full too quickly.  So, I moved to floppy discs and felt a bit better about being able to access my lesson materials quickly, but realized that unless my file names were explicit (like Day 1, Day 2, etc.), I would forget what I did from year to year only to find a great activity that I had filed after the lesson was complete.  Once I started blogging and utilizing online storage, I felt like I was able to gain momentum.  Not only was I documenting activities with photos and electronic files by date utilized, but I was also reflecting on what worked and what needed tweaking to make the lesson even better. Over the years, I connected with other educators in the blog-o-sphere through participation in linky parties and educator challenges allowing me to collaborate with teachers around the globe.  This connection helped me grow.
For me, blogging has obvious benefits and when I am not blogging, I miss it.  I have found that when I post in themed categories (#Made4Math, WebtoolWednesday, #MyFavFirday, etc.), I tend to be more consistent in posting. Also, I know that I am more likely to post when I schedule it on my calendar. So, to help stay focused, I created a Blog Post Planner.  It is my first attempt at maintaining a separate calendar for blogging.  The planner will provide a place for me record ideas for future posts and plan by category.  Take it. Use it. Provide feedback. What helps you stay on track with writing your blog?

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