Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ahhh Summer: Resting, Reflecting, and Refreshing

Yesterday was the last official day for teachers for a while.  It is always a funny thing...a school without teachers and students...essentially an empty building visited only occasionally by parents returning lost books, a student in need of assistance for the upcoming ACT, and athletes getting a sip of water after practice.  I'll be there another month breaking only to attend a conference or two during June, planning for next year already, and getting new spaces prepared for our 2013-14 ECA family.

Thinking as a teacher, I have been reflecting on the year, identifying what worked, what didn't, and what needs tweaking.  At our school much of this week's talk revolved around the Common Core.  We are scouring Pinterest and blogs for insight on a smooth transition to the new curriculum. Our state is in the process of assembling a Teacher Toolbox.    It is still a work in progress as of now, but should be filling up with scope and sequences, unit plans, and sample mid-June.  I saw a CCSS Flipbook the other day from Algebrainiac that I am eager to explore. The flipbook helps organize the common core standards by grade and by subject in high school.  It looks like it will be very helpful in keeping it all straight.

I am so looking forward to summer, because can't wait to get back to my regular blog postings of #Made4Math and #MyFavFriday!  Last night around 11PM, I seriously considering going out to the car to retrieve my computer so that I could blog my 'My Favorite Friday Finds", because I was so excited about Runde's Room 4 corner strategy.  I thought this collaborative activity was fantastic!

If my friends are reading this, they are probably shaking their heads right now, but blogging, creating, working on my home is refreshing for me.  I am encouraged and refueled by the sharing of ideas via conferences, twitter feeds, and others blogs.  So, thank you to all of you who blog, pin, and tweet - you help me grow to be the teacher I want to be.  Wishing you a HaPpY SUmmEr!!!!!!

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