Sunday, June 28, 2009

30 Days to Get Activ in the Classroom

Evangel Christian Academy officially got active 4 years ago after we were awarded one of the first ActivBoard in the United States. Promethean Activ Products changed teaching and learning forever in A-5, our classroom. Last year, the students of A-5 produced a video to share their thoughts on Promethean products. As you can see, we are huge fans!!!

A Promethean ActivBoard is so much more than another presentation tool. It is designed to be interactive! I know from experience that an ActivClass impacts student achievement, student motivation, and the classroom environment as students are transformed from passive bystanders to active and engaged learners.

In preparation for 10 additional ActivBoards being installed on our campus, our school recently held a Curriculum Camp. We covered ALOT of tips and tricks in a short 5 day period!!!

To serve as a review and tutorial for camp topics covered, I will begin (on July 1) a blog series entitled: 30 Days to Get Activ. I will post Activ ideas, include lesson samples, and embed "how-to" videos to make any lesson engaging, enriching, and inspiring.

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