Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Video Creation Made Easy with MySimpleShow

Oh my!  I am beyond excited about today's tech tool, MySimpleShow, an online movie creator.  I know you are probably thinking, "There are tons of online movie creators, why do I need another one?"  Great question!  My Simpleshow gives you a jump start on your project by adding computer selected images to any script and uses super cool transitions to segue between thoughts.

This tool puts the emphasis on RESEARCH and WRITING first, because every project starts with a story line!

This web-based software provides templates with examples to help ALL writers create a compelling script.

Keywords are then linked to illustrations on a canvas and My Simpleshow does the rest.

Music is added, voice-overs are provided, and even subtitles are available thus making movie creation simple and straightforward.  Of course, if you have students who love to customize their work, My Simpleshow allows for that too. From changing the pre-selected images to uploading original audio files (I could never get the "record your own" voice option to work so I used the Chrome extension "Online Voice Recorder"), it is possible to create a totally unique project in which the emphasis is on the content rather than the tool.  Love!!!

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